API Health KPIs

Callcounter offers various API health KPIs which will give you an indication of your API's health at a glance.

HTTP status codes

It is important to keep an eye on the health of your API. This doesn't only consist of server errors that are tracked by an application performance monitor. An important part of your API health is how much client errors are generated. If most of the requests to your API generate client errors this can be an indication of bad documentation or inconsistent behaviour of the API. The dougnut chart of HTTP status codes offered by Callcounter provides a simple key performance indicator of the health of your API.

Dougnut chart of http status codes returned

Slowest calls

Another KPI that is important to monitor is the average response time for API calls. We track the response times so you can see the slowest 10 in the selected period for the segments you filtered on. Optimising a once a day API call is useless, but if it happens to be your most called method this can be very useful to discover.